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Medicine Delivery App Development: How to Set Up an Online Pharmaceutical App?

Opening an online pharmacy is the most under-explored area of an e-commerce business, hence is a great business idea, even today. With online selling becoming the center of all business activities, E-pharmacies have to be a part of the race. Whether you wish to take your current pharmacy store business online or start one from

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How is AI Simplifying Software Development for Companies And Coders?

With the onset of artificial intelligence in every possible domain of technology, software development is definitely leading the race. Though we knew that AI was a result of commendable coding by developers, today it’s vice-versa. Software developers are using AI to write and review codes, detect bugs, and test software efficiently. Companies can now deploy

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How Apptread builds business intelligent-interactive chatbots?

The potential of chatbots is not lost in the enterprise world. Earlier, chatbots were only used to handle customer service operations for a business, but now organizations are exploring the hybrid versions in other functionalities as well. As brands are now focusing primarily on promoting personalized experiences, brands are getting involved in creating intelligent chatbots

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5 Augmented Reality Trends To Watch out for in 2020 & Beyond

The emotional connections individuals make with brands through sight, sound and motion are indisputable. We’ve seen it with television and entertainment systems. But as technology continues to advance, customer experiences are moving away from just what people see to immersing them in the brand experience itself. One technology that is truly tremoring up the landscape

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10 Top trends of Software Industry

The fast-paced digital transformation influences all life spheres including business, healthcare, IT & software,  manufacturing, travel, and entertainment. Every day people use AI-enabled programs like Gmail, Google predictive searches, and personalized product recommendations even without noticing this. Many logistics and manufacturing companies are already using robotics to automate operations and optimize costs. Everyone has heard

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