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6 Common Challenges to Cloud Migration

The businesses are changing today. Cloud is gaining popularity every day. With the onset of covid19, many organizations have shifted to a remote working environment to maintain social distances and this has all the more pushed organizations to move their operations to the cloud. This is a major opportunity for companies to expand their functioning

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What is Cloud-Native Application? Everything you need to know

  What is Cloud-Native? With data exploding & consumers wanting more, the businesses are looking out for scalable options helping them in completing both demands in a cost-effective way. The solution is with cloud-native apps, starting from the ground level you leverage microservices, containers, orchestration, and automation. Cloud-native applications are developed for the cloud to

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Cloud Service Models SaaS, IaaS, PaaS – Choose the Right One for Your Business

With the age of personalisation and specialisation, cloud services are increasing in demand for future companies. Every company has limited resources that they have to allocate strategically, often leaving them to make crucial decisions on which business processes to be done in-house. The increasing demand for business process outsourcing units is one such example. Companies

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