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What is Cloud-Native Application? Everything you need to know

  What is Cloud-Native? With data exploding & consumers wanting more, the businesses are looking out for scalable options helping them in completing both demands in a cost-effective way. The solution is with cloud-native apps, starting from the ground level you leverage microservices, containers, orchestration, and automation. Cloud-native applications are developed for the cloud to

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What are cloud migration risks and benefits?

The technical process of shifting applications, infrastructure, data, and other business elements and resources of a company to a cloud environment is called cloud migration. This transfer of data is a ‘conscious’ attempt taken by any company as, though, the cloud enables you to finish work in less downtime, lower costs, and zero data loss.

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10 Top trends of Software Industry

The fast-paced digital transformation influences all life spheres including business, healthcare, IT & software,  manufacturing, travel, and entertainment. Every day people use AI-enabled programs like Gmail, Google predictive searches, and personalized product recommendations even without noticing this. Many logistics and manufacturing companies are already using robotics to automate operations and optimize costs. Everyone has heard

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Pave your path to Success by shifting to the Digital Future

The scope of digital innovation is rewriting the norms of the business. Talking about the present, companies are more data-driven than ever. Disruption in digital technology is increasingly changing how enterprises stay competitive in a global, connected economy. From e-commerce to manufacturing and financial services to healthcare, IT services to travel & hospitality, organizations are

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COVID19 leading to the rising of E-commerce

The COVID19 global outbreak has been impactful and is expected to shape the remainder of whatever is left of 2020. Essentially, people are coming to the terms with the realities of our interconnected world and how tricky it is to tentatively separate those connections with others. To say that we are living in unconventional times

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