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Why shifting from Cost Based Solutions to Value Based Solutions is crucial?

For service providers, the vision at present is set on aspects and activities that drive the fulfillment of business goals when looking to modernize technology solutions. These goals must be taken ahead as strategies mandatory to achieve success and growth for the concerned business. Even though identifying business drivers gets more difficult as organizations become

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How to cut out the Loose Ends & Build a Successful Healthcare Startup

The year 2020 is said to be an unforgiving, yet transformational for the Healthcare & Medical industry, as the pandemic situation is worsening every second, every day. The world economy has been in a lockdown due to a rise in cases, involving the restrictions on international & domestic travel. Everyone looks up to the healthcare

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Learn how Apptread is Helping the Businesses in Leveraging Digital Technologies

In Nov 2019, China confirmed its first case of COVID-19 & since then the world’s economy has been on a lockdown. The Global economy is facing disruptions of tragic proportions, with industries like Aviation, Travel, Hospitality and Oil & Gas particularly hard hit. Many organizations have turned to the technology to maintain their operations and

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