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The 4 Stages of DevOps Adoption to Maximize Business Success

The business environment is very dynamic today with continuous changes happening in all possible areas including IT, infrastructure, and training. These changes impact the development process because of increased demands from customers with shorter delivery time. This promotes agile practices and is recommended to be included in the process. In between this entire process, it’s

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Accelerate Development with Automation Testing

Curating a customized software and launching it to the global markets, industries must contend with compliance and risk management issues. The technology teams and experts must adhere to all the industry and bureaucratic processes that can hinder agility. It’s critically important for organizations developing software in regulated spaces to align QA and testing services with

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Agile Software Development: Best Practices, Challenges, and Solutions

Agile Software Development offers a host of impeccable benefits to an IT organization, including faster deployments, greater acceptability, and better alignment with business needs. The adoption of an agile mindset and methodology while software development is a scalable solution, however, still proven as a challenging one. Many IT organizations have utilized traditional software development methodologies

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