Securing Your Cloud Infrastructure for Future

Protect your cloud environments with our cloud security services.

Secure Your End-to-End Cloud Journey

While working on cloud infrastructure offers new opportunities to scale your service offering and transform operations but at the same time security and compliance risk remain the greatest barrier to cloud adoption. Apptread helps you respond to these security concerns with a complete portfolio of advisory, stand-alone, and end-to-end Managed Security Services. We have the capability, scale, and global reach required to provide you with everything you need in one place to effectively manage your security across a hybrid cloud IT estate.

Secure Your End-to-End <span>Cloud Journey</span>

Accelerate Cloud First Resilience with Our Cloud Security Services

Cloud environment comes with its own set of security challenges. We help our clients to address these challenges through our robust services by taking care of vulnerability analysis, remediation, and compliance processes.

User Management and Authentication

User Management and Authentication

We help you take care of your user administration and application rights management within your cloud with the help of standardized processes and automation.

Cloud-Native Security Services

Cloud-Native Security Services

Our Cloud-native architectures cover cloud services, such as containers, serverless security, and microservices that helps us to deliver the best compatible solutions.

Threat Management Services

Threat Management Services

Get a holistic overview of threat management policies & issues for your business using an industry-proven, comprehensive methodology.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud Penetration Testing

We practice both manual and tool-based testing that includes source code evaluations to find vulnerabilities in cloud applications. Our experts also help to identify and detect exposed cloud services, misconfigurations, and infrastructure failure in real time.

Cloud Security Compliance Monitoring

Cloud Security Compliance Monitoring

Our cloud engineers work closely with cloud service providers (CSPs) to mitigate risk and align with all regulatory requirements.

Why Choose Apptread’s Cloud Security Solutions

Advanced Threat Detection

Our cloud security services are known for advanced viruses that are potentially harmful to your system.

Secure & Scalable

Our automated and augmented procedures help organizations scale by bringing the manual steps down to zero.


Apptread assists our client in working in a highly secure environment by establishing pre-emptive controls to prevent unintentional or malicious security issues.

Absolute Monitoring & Analytics

We strive hard to diligently monitor and analyze your entire system from start to end.

Industries We Serve

We cater to a wide range of industries by leveraging our wide domain expertise. Thus, helping us to deliver perfect solutions that match specific business requirements.








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Our Cloud Technology Expertise

We use the best cloud technology platforms & tools to help our clients achieve faster and more robust solution.