Cloud Management Services

Apptread accelerates your migration to the cloud and provides a holistic approach to go digital while minimizing disruption to the business. We provide the best migration approach for your enterprise, from cloud advisory to cloud build, from cloud migration to enterprise cloud solution.

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Cloud Services

Experience Team of diversified digital specialty

Our experts can help you to transform your cloud experience, from accelerating cloud adoption, to driving product and service innovation, scaling core capabilities, and providing application support. Our team can help you to re-define customer engagement, increase scalability, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

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Cloud Assessment & Migration Services

Our experts provide cloud readiness assessments, roadmap and migrations to AWS and Azure. Our team has deep engineering skills on planning, designing, optimizing and managing & cloud migrations. Our certified engineers have the experience and expertise to compress the timeline, avoid pitfalls, and reduce downtime as you migrate data and applications to the cloud.

  • Assessment and Cloud Strategy
  • App Migration
  • Data Migration
  • New Greenfield Infra on cloud

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Analytics on Cloud

Our data engineering experts provide a comprehensive data strategy and help you derive meaningful insights that enable better experiences to your customers. Our data scientists continually monitor and look for opportunities to enhance and improve customer interactions.

  • Data Warehousing
  • Transformation/ETL
  • Big Data Processing
  • Event Stream Analytics
  • Visualization

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DevOps Automation

Our practice focuses on building the infrastructure to automate all steps of the development lifecycle from inception, development of code, testing, quality assurance, staging and production. Automation speeds development, streamline teams, increase agility, and accelerate software releases.

Managed Services

We provide 24×7 proactive infrastructure monitoring, automation, robust solution management, and comprehensive lifecycle services to deliver specific business outcomes.

  • Operation Management
  • Helpdesk
  • Automation
  • Resource optimization

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