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Visual FoxPro Development and Migration Services

Apptread has earned a reputation of being an adept Visual FoxPro (VFP) Development Service. The level of expertise displayed by AppTread in the field of custom Visual FoxPro development is carried out using multi-platform approach. Our team of experienced VFP developers is capable of managing FoxPro technology across multiple projects.

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    Automated VFP Migration Services

    • Visual FoxPro Consulting & Programming
    • FoxPro Database Migration & Porting Services
    • Visual FoxPro Data Exchange & Integration Services
    • Visual FoxPro Application Development Services
    • Visual FoxPro QA & Testing Services
    • Visual FoxPro Software Maintenance & Support Services
    • Visual FoxPro Scripting Services

    Visual FoxPro Web Application Development

    At AppTread, Visual FoxPro Web Development is conducted using West Wind Web Connection, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, ASP and other versions of VFP on Windows. It is through the knowledge and on-field proficiency of our VFP consultants that we conveniently deliver single-user Visual FoxPro desktop and multi-user network database applications.

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    Migration to LATEST Technologies


    Backend Migration:

    • Transitioning Visual FoxPro databases to RDMS like SQL Server/Oracle
    • Re-engineering backend business logics
    • Visual FoxPro stored procedures/triggers to RDBMS
    • DW / DBMS Migration

    Frontend Migration:

    • Conversion of Visual FoxPro front end logics to newer technologies like JS/.Net C#
    • Reverse Engineering of FoxPro code to Functional Specs,
    • Creation of User Manuals and SOPs

    Web Enablement of VFP Apps:

    • Conversion of VFP forms to modern web frameworks
    • Decoupling: Business rules, Data operations , dB Schema and UI/UX layers
    • Development of interfaces with Web services
    • Development of VFP DLLs exposed as COM APIs

    Team Expansion & Staff Augmentation:

    • Adding experienced members in the customer team
    • Onshore/Offshore model to shorten the development to delivery life cycle

    Production Support & Maintenance: :

    • Production support of existing applications
    • Cleaning/clearing the backlog of defects and faults

    Integration with Hardware Systems:

    • Biometric systems
    • Barcode/QRcode readers
    • Scanners

    Platforms Covered