Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration services help you capitalize on your cloud investments and achieve your business goals.

End-to-End Cloud Migration Solutions

Our cloud application migration services adhere to established procedures to assist you in streamlining the migration and controlling expenses with little effect on your end customers. From assisting you in selecting the ideal cloud provider to the actual cloud deployment, Apptread’s specialist team of professionals provide state-of-the-art migration services.

<span>End-to-End</span> Cloud Migration Solutions

Why Choose Apptread for Cloud Migration

Apptread has a team of experienced cloud data migration solution architects and implementation engineers who have worked with different leading cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, Google, and others.

Our Cloud Migration Capabilities

Depending on the maturity levels of cloud implementation you want to achieve, we have many capabilities to help you succeed.

Cloud Migration Consulting

Our team of specialists examines your on-premises implementation and assists in creating a cloud migration path.

Infrastructure Migration

Professionals at Apptread will assist you in migrating your applications to IaaS with minimal impact on your business operations.

Platform Migration

We offer cloud data migration services platform to help you lift, shift and re-architect your applications for the PaaS model.

Database Migration

Our cloud database architects will assist you in developing the appropriate data models and storage for your needs.

Application Migration

Utilize cloud migration and administration services that provide various cloud functionalities to convert your web-based apps to the cloud.

Legacy Modernization

A well-versed staff capable of transferring those hard-to-maintain legacy apps to a cutting-edge tech stack designed for the cloud.

Migration Automation

Presence of a robust set of process templates and utilities to help automate migration activities configured and customized as per your needs.

Cloud Optimization

Apptread’s experience with different cloud providers and subscription models helps you optimize your cloud resources to their full potential and achieve ROI goals.

Seamless Cloud Migration Strategies We Follow

Depending on your goals for maturity levels and choice of the cloud provider, we have a different set of migration processes and strategies


We assist in moving your apps to cloud resources with minimal changes to ensure business continuity in a lift and shift approach.


If you are looking to leverage the full potential of the cloud to modernize your technology stack, the rebuild strategy will help you achieve both goals.


Apptread provides expert help to make the build vs. buy decision to ensure you have the right solution for your problems without running out of budget.


There are few apps which might need to be refactored to optimize the cloud without needing major re-architecture.


To avoid major disruption to your business and follow compliance standards, you may need to retain some legacy resources and follow a hybrid approach for specific applications.


True benefits of cloud and your ROI will only reflect once you decommission your legacy solutions on-premises.

Five Stages of Cloud Migration Service

Any cloud migration has five stages, each stage may need to be revisited depending on the feedback for the next stage.

Cloud Technology Expertise

Our migration teams have worked with all of the main cloud service providers for various regions and business sectors. The teams are made up of architects for cloud data migration solutions, engineers for implementation, engineers for support, and specialists in validation.


For businesses running on the Microsoft tech stack, Azure is usually the most logical choice of the cloud provider.


Our AWS team has a breadth of knowledge base to help you steer through the migration smoothly.

Google Cloud

We have Google-certified cloud professionals who have expertise in cloud migrations for both small- and large-scale deployments.

Powering Industries with Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions are powering different industry verticals in multiple geographies. The retail industry has been leveraging our cloud solutions to reach their user base and improve on the cloud.








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Cloud Migration Tech Stack We Use

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Frequent Asked Questions

If you are looking to do quick releases of your features to stay relevant in the market, we can help optimize your subscriptions, achieve industry compliance and switch to different implementation models.

We have built specific guidelines around how complete workload migration can be achieved without compliance issues.

We have a rich set of reusable process templates and utilities created for cloud migrations. Our team will help you optimize your subscription levels to achieve significant cost savings.

Yes, we provide end-to-end support including cloud migration strategy consulting. We take user feedback pretty seriously, improving our services on the go.

Depending on your needs, we can offer different engagement options with Fixed cost or T&M. Our services come at a reasonable cost, and we will work with you to negotiate a suitable price.