Cloud Security Services

Gain access to cloud data security solutions and services that allows you to access the finest protection against malicious hackers, malware, and other harmful software assaults.

Enhanced Data Security and Efficiency with Apptread’s Next-Gen Cloud Security Services

Apptread is known for its efficient and resourceful work in protecting your information from unauthorized malware, safeguarding sensitive user data and files using strong encryption and strict authentication without damaging its structure or function to ensure the quality of data is undamaged.

In comparison to local servers, we deliver better and safer cloud data security solutions to your systems as a cloud security firm. It is always preferable to be safe than sorry!

<span>Enhanced Data Security</span> and Efficiency with Apptread’s Next-Gen <span>Cloud Security Services</span>

Why Choose Apptread for Cloud Security

As a cloud security company, we provide better and safer cloud data security solutions to your systems as compared to the local servers. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

Our Cloud Security Services Includes

Our comprehensive services handle the unique security problems that the cloud environment presents. For your implementations, we handle the vulnerability analysis, correction, and compliance procedures.

Network Access Control

Apptread helps you build, manage, set visibility, and control your network resources along with the integrations with third-party software and special requirements such as private endpoints and VLANs.

User Management and Authentication

This service takes care of user administration and application rights management within your cloud with the help of standardized processes and automation.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data backup is the process of keeping multiple copies of the files stored in different locations. Apptread carries out disaster recovery that helps retrieve your data following a catastrophic event.

Avoid Cloud Breaches

We use multiple techniques such as encryption standards and micro-segmentation to avoid cloud breaches that could make or break a business in the cloud.

Handling Misconfiguration

Our cloud misconfiguration handling assists in identifying any defects, incorrect setups, or gaps in your cloud environment that may expose your environment to external or internal dangers.

Developing Cloud Security Solutions for Different Cloud Environments

The managed cloud security services are a multi-step effort, requiring knowledge of various operating systems and other platforms. Apptread’s secure cloud services protect your system against attacks that could compromise your system or use it as a source code repository.

Platform Security Solutions

A secure environment allows all parties involved to fully participate and do their part without interruption from outside interference.

Application Security Solutions

Cloud security consulting services consist of protecting an application from all external threats through strong authentication and encryption.

Network Security Solutions

Your network will be safeguarded by over 20+ layers of security designed to keep you secure while preserving personal information.

Navigate to the Cloud Safely and Securely?

Cloud Technology Expertise

We have migration teams with experience in all major cloud providers in the market for different geographies and industries. The teams consist of cloud computing solution architects, Implementation engineers, Support engineers, and Validation experts.


For businesses running on the Microsoft tech stack, Azure is usually the most logical choice.


Our AWS team has a breadth of knowledge base to help you steer through the migration smoothly.

Google Cloud

We have Google-certified experts of cloud professionals who have expertise in cloud migrations for both small and large-scale deployments.

Powering Industries with Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions are powering different industry verticals in multiple geographies. The retail industry has been leveraging our cloud solutions to reach their user base and improve on the cloud. We provide cloud security solutions for :








Real Estate

Our Cloud Security Tech Stack

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Frequent Asked Questions

Cloud security plays an important role in stopping the attack of viruses, protecting your sensitive data, secure the system without hampering the performance.

Global public cloud infrastructure is reaching new heights due to increased demand for online presence, remote working, and other challenges posed by COVID-19. There could be new entrants in the cloud provider space along with the Top 3 – Amazon, Microsoft, Google, such as Alibaba. New business models are emerging, such as cloud-like edge deployment and multi-cloud offerings. Data privacy and AI technologies will define the next phase of cloud security practices.

Cyber security is an overarching term used for any vulnerable digital system, whereas Cloud security is more specific to public cloud applications and infrastructure.

Yes, if you follow the guidelines laid down by different compliance standards and ensure that they are practiced throughout your implementation. Most of the biggest businesses of the world run their applications on public clouds navigating successfully through various security concerns.