Keeping up with the latest web development trends to give your business a fair chance of success is increasingly important as it’s the only way to stand out. 10 years ago, e-commerce and website development were almost non-existent. 

However, today, it has become the most preferred source of buying goods and services. The e-commerce industry is ever-evolving, and especially after the outbreak of Covid-19, online shopping has become the new way of buying essentials. While it may seem overwhelming that the e-commerce industry is booming every passing day, the best is yet to come. 

On one hand, e-commerce is evolving unstoppably; according to a survey, 88% of online buyers are less likely to return to the same website after an unsatisfactory experience. 

Hence, it is essential to follow the hottest market trends to satisfy your customers. 

While it may be difficult for you to identify the most critical web development trends to follow in 2022, we have listed the 12 most popular web development trends which are imperative to follow to remain competitive in the market. 

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12 Major Web Development Trends

Here is the list of 12 major web development trends which are most likely to bring a storm in the online world. 

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Although this is not the newest trend out of all; however, it is the most lucrative one. It is believed that PWAs are going to website applications in their latest iteration. It promotes less loading time and easy app usage even in the offline mode. 

2. AI Chatbots

As the world is on the path of digitising, chatbots have emerged as customers and the company’s best allies. AI ChatBot can provide an efficient way of interaction between customers and businesses. Traditional methods of customer service need human agents to interact with the customers. With more queries, businesses need to increase manpower. AI ChatBots are more helpful in such cases and offer personalised experiences. 

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3. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Launched in the year 2015 by Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages is evolving as another must-follow trend for 2022. It was designed for mobile users to offer them lightning-fast digital experiences. Apart from offering seamless user experiences, it improves the core business metrics. 

4. Single-Page Application (SPA)

Single-page applications, popularly known as SPA, are JavaScript-based web applications which load only a single HTML page. Building blocks like views, models, routers, collections and events assemble web applications. Developed communities like Facebook, Google, and Twitter widely use SPA. 

5. Optimized Voice Search

Established in 2011, voice search is evolving as the latest trend gaining immense popularity. A common example is Alexa and Siri, which have become a daily sight of every household and organization. Tech giants are planning to enter the market to introduce new products. Some popular names are Apple HomePod and Google Home. 

6. WordPress Development

Gaining huge attention, the WordPress development powers more than 40% of all websites actively working on the web. Since it is an open-source platform, new applications are launched now and then to meet the evolving needs of customers. 

7. Motion UI

Keeping your creative side at the forefront is another emerging trend this year. Since users are mostly attracted by what they see, startups, as well as large organizations, are focusing on improving the overall appearance of their websites. Hence, it can be said that visual designs have evolved as an effective designing strategy. 

8. Serverless Architecture

Cloud SaaS solutions have evolved rapidly because of the introduction of the work-from-home culture. For many years, developers have constantly been looking for technology which prevents data loss and reduces system overloading and development costs. Serverless Architecture runs on the very popular cloud technology, allowing easy documentation without brainstorming. 

9. Mobile-friendly Development

More than 50% of internet traffic on the internet is because of mobile devices. Looking at the stats, it is clear that considering a mobile-first approach is essential. For many years, most developers have been prioritizing this approach. In 2022, trends like voice recognition, one-click ordering, and fingerprint scanning are going to be big trends. 

10. Improved Native Cybersecurity

The practice of protecting data from being tampered with is called cybersecurity. As technology advances, cyber security is evolving as a major concern in 2022 and upcoming years. With the alarming increase in cybercrime, methods for improvement are suggested. Apart from analytics checkpoints and monitoring tools, better technologies are introduced, helping nations prevent the loss or misuse of a company’s valuable data.   

11. Blockchain Technology

Introduced in the year 1991, Blockchain was established by a group of researchers. Their purpose was to timestamp state digital documents so that these cannot be tampered in any way. In order to maximize security, the ledger of the participant is updated which guarantees transparency in working. 

While looking at the recent market condition, more than 84% of the organizations are dabbling in blockchain. This also means that the popularity around blockchain is 100% real. Hence it can be said that blockchain is the fastest-growing technology gaining the limelight like no other.

12. Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of Things or IoT is one of the most latest trends evolving rapidly in 2022. Starting from traveling to shopping and management, it can be applied in all sectors possible. 

IoT refers to a platform where several devices are connected to the internet for collecting and exchanging data with the other part. It is often described as a large network as a ton of things are connected to one another. The items in the Internet of Things can be anything from animals, devices, people, something else which shares data.

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