Low code development types and platform

Low Code Development and Types of Platforms 2022

The emergence of low code development in the software development industry has been a great addition to business enterprises. This fresh approach of software development using low code platforms rapidly raises the ability of “Citizen developers” (non-professional developers) as well as professionals and is recognized as an alternative to the traditional coding method. According to the market report of Prescient&Stratergic, the…

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Enterprise web app development

Enterprise Web Development Trends 2022

The digital world is changing at a breakneck pace, making it impossible for businesses to stay afloat without expert web development support. For businesses to compete in their various sectors, they need to be aware of the current web development trends. Global corporate software investment is expected to exceed $599 billion in 2021, according to a study. This translates to…

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Flutter app development

Is Flutter the Best Framework for Most App Development?

If you look at the world of mobile applications, you’ll see a tremendous increase every day. Google Play has 3.14 million apps in the fourth quarter of 2020, while the Apple App Store had 2.09 million. Because business competition is becoming more intense, worldwide companies, corporations, and start-ups are always looking for app development solutions that will help them extend…

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Coding a Decentralized Application

Beginners Guide to Coding a Decentralized Application

Decentralized apps, often known as dApps, are digital applications or programs that run on a blockchain or peer-to-peer computer network. These apps are never under the jurisdiction of a central agency and rely on the ability of blockchain and smart contracts to execute the parties’ agreements. But are decentralized secure? Anyone who joins this network of applications receives a complete…

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Android Development Partner

3 Factors to Consider While Selecting an Android Development Partner

If your business is planning to initiate an Android development project, there will always be a requirement for skilled professionals with precise expertise. And if the need is for a business-centric mobile app, Android/iOS application development is the way to go. In this blog post, we will discuss how searching for an appropriate Android development partner can assist you in…

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Financial advantages of Cloud

What are the Financial Advantages of Shifting to Cloud?

Shifting your applications and business to the cloud has several plausible reasons. Looking at modern-day organizations, the need to scale up the growth meter can be achieved by incorporating cloud computing. In reality, not only can cloud computing be utilized for company security, but it can also be employed for a wide range of other purposes. While the concept of…

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reduce app development cost

5 Ways to Effectively Reduce Mobile App Development Costs

The use of mobile apps has become a part of our daily dealings be it for ordering food, booking a cab, or managing money transactions. As technology is shaping itself at a quick pace, new-age mobile apps are now loaded with AI, ML, and IoT-based features that make them more interactive and user-friendly. With new add-ons, the cost of app…

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Software development metrics to look for?

What are the Software Metrics for Smoothly Carrying out Development Projects?

A software development team’s ability to create a high-quality software product is dependent on several variables. Whether it’s changing client needs or meeting tight project deadlines, the risk of cost overruns and delivery delays is always there. According to experts, as we intend to add more complex elements to the project, the total scope of the project will expand. As…

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9 Best Tips to Ensure Mobile Application Security

9 Best Tips to Ensure Mobile Application Security

The dependency of humans on mobile devices and applications has reached an inevitable stage. Be it for personal use or business operations, the presence of a mobile app to manage tasks on the go has upheld convenience and comfort as two primary factors. Looking at the modern world and its requirements, a mobile app is required for shopping, ordering food, video conferencing, chatting, instant messaging, hailing cab services, mobile banking, online…

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Trending Front-end Development Tools

10 Incredibly Useful Front-end Development Tools in 2021

Nowadays, businesses are making their online presence strong and many new startups are popping up in the market with the growth of disruptive technologies. To serve at their best, companies are focusing their attention on front-end development because an interactive and engaging website requires great efficiency and performance, which in turn generates a noticeable revenue. The front-end of a website is what a user perceives while browsing a particular website. However, developing a unique website with best-in-class features requires extensive technical…

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