FoxPro Migration Services

Expect top-notch FoxPro migration benefits from trained professional specialists with high FoxPro v.9.0 knowledge and client-side programming skills like MySQL, .NET framework, ASP .NET framework, and more.

Migrate your FoxPro Assets to Next-Gen Technology

Visual FoxPro is a procedure-oriented coding language that is a common choice for enterprise-level app building. Our experts at Apptread are skilled in this technology and carry out FoxPro migration for the last updated version 9 in a well planned manner.
In addition, we help transfer the VFP assets to new environments for optimized software development, leveraging top-rated modern technologies.
With our visual FoxPro migration services, expect a robust and high-performing solution fit for your business objectives perfectly.

Migrate your FoxPro Assets to <span>Next-Gen Technology</span>

Why Choose Apptread As Your FoxPro Migration Partner?

Our team of professional developers and analysts offers an efficient roadmap to carry out visual FoxPro migration services to clients, guaranteeing enhanced performance. We make no compromises in terms of service quality or approach, with client pleasure as our top priority.

Our FoxPro Migration Expertise

The team of highly trained experts at Apptread can work on various levels of visual FoxPro to .NET or FoxPro to SQL processes and bring profitable results at the end. We utilize our years of experience handling diverse technologies and frameworks and then manage a seamless FoxPro to .NET transition, among others.

Our <span>FoxPro Migration</span> Expertise

Migrate SQL Server

The professionals in our team prepare FoxPro to MySQL migration plans to make high-quality, secure, and easy-to-recover data solutions. Our clients can expect robust, safe enterprise-level apps with visual FoxPro to MySQL.

Migrate to .net

While we carry out FoxPro to .NET work, we also conduct FoxPro to MS Access migration services. As a result, enterprises benefit from a simplified business management system, low-rated but high-quality database management system, and other benefits.

Migrate to C#

Our developers work on visual FoxPro to C# migration due to the potential cross-platform benefits. In addition, we handle object-oriented programming and assure a more interoperable solution with C# integration.

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Value-driven, Step-by-Step Road to Optimized FoxPro Migration

At Apptread, we focus on customer-oriented programming and visual FoxPro migration work, centering on each phase individually. As a result, we assure the top-grade functionality of our solutions as we carry out each step carefully for the best quality results.

Upscale VFP Applications: Migrate to .NET

Our visual FoxPro migration company experts handle more than just FoxPro migration to SQL servers. In addition, we provide help with integration into the Microsoft .NET framework to optimize your digital solution for modern Windows-based environments.

We build high-definition, robust apps suitable for Windows

Compatibility with Windows Phone, Windows Servers, XML web services, and Microsoft Azure

Easy deployment for the flexible applications to SQL server

The cost of ownership is low

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Technology Expertise for FoxPro Migration

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The experts at Apptread use various techniques and solutions like local cursor engines and object-oriented programming. We focus on linking data and language cohesively using the Visual FoxPro version 9.0 tool. The standard solutions we create are client/server-centric database apps and desktop apps of different sizes. We also build top-grade XML web services and COM components.

Our FoxPro migration services developers run various testing sequences to check the quality of projects and make modifications before launch. We operate different testing approaches like QA testing, functional testing, end-to-end testing, performance testing, AI/ML testing, A/B testing, automation testing, and more.

One of the critical tasks we handle is existing visual FoxPro to SQL server migration. We ensure no data loss occurs during the transfer and migrate with a top-notch modern tech stack.

We keep our clients up to date on all aspects of the projects we handle consistently and regularly. Some clients opt for one a week or once every two weeks updates.