FoxPro Consulting

We offer comprehensive assistance to migrate your business-centric Visual FoxPro software to modern technological platforms.

Automated Visual FoxPro Migration & Maintenance Services

At Apptread we address the main pain-point of every enterprise whether it’s about maintaining and developing software on FoxPro or the focus is to migrate to different platforms.

Automated Visual FoxPro Migration & <span>Maintenance Services</span>

What We Offer

FoxPro Application Development

FoxPro Application Development

If you have a great business idea then we have the ability to turn your idea into a user-friendly and interactive app that features security, cost-effectiveness and automated deployment.

Migration to .NET

Migration to .NET

Apptread provides specialized FoxPro migration services to information management systems such as migration to .NET, SQL Server, Oracle, and others while maintaining business logic code.

FoxPro Consulting & Programming

FoxPro Consulting & Programming

Our engineers hands-on experience on multiple projects guarantees the crafting of your ideal software by figuring out the best possible path.

FoxPro QA & Testing

FoxPro QA & Testing

Our QA engineers design and execute the detailed test scenarios for each screen using AI/ML technology to avoid the wastage of time on typos and focus on making your apps more appealing.

Your FoxPro Migration Partner

Legacy Apps Center of Excellence

We build top-notch FoxPro legacy apps from the ground up and optimize outdated versions with modern technologies.

Tech Experts

Our Software developers are experienced and trained in various programming languages and frameworks and hold expertise in smooth and fast migration of FoxPro to new platform.

Flexible Systems Integration

Our experts leverage advanced technologies and solutions for optimized system integration and migration work. Later, we prepare flexible and robust solutions with client-dictated requirements.

Easy Data Management

We have expertise in dealing with different database types. So, we can carry out various data management functions carefully, ensuring a safe migration process later.

Remote Access

Expect remote access to different levels of resources while working with our experts. We create responsive, data-driven apps for various systems in a managed and secure environment.

Scalable Solution

The experts at Apptread can create high-quality and robust enterprise-level applications and legacy systems using top-grade coding work. We follow the guidelines set by our clients and make adjustments accordingly.

Industries We Serve

We cater to a wide range of industries by leveraging our wide domain expertise. Thus, helping us to deliver perfect solutions that match specific business requirements.








Real Estate

Upgrade Your FoxPro Assets to the Latest Cutting-Edge Technology

Our experts at Apptread are skilled to transfer the Visual FoxPro assets to new environments for optimized software development, leveraging top-rated modern technologies. We offer robust and high-performing solution that best fits your business objectives.

FoxPro Maintenance Support for Real Estate Technology Provider

Case Study

Expert FoxPro Maintenance Support and Backlog Reduction for a US Real Estate Technology Provider

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