Back-End Development Services

As a back-end web development company, we at Apptread ensure that our customers can expect great functionality in all the web-based and mobile apps we develop. We are proud to say that our seasoned developers have decades of coding experience.

Leverage Back-end Development Solutions for Feature-rich Web Applications

For any website or application to function properly, its inner workings must be perfect. As a back-end development company, we entrust the work of creating a solid structure to our in-house experts to guarantee functionality and form.

At Apptread, learning and development are an integral part of how we work. This means our developers are constantly trained and updated on upcoming tech, components, and approaches related to back-end web development services, enabling them to provide the most relevant services to you.

<span>Leverage Back-end Development</span> Solutions for Feature-rich Web Applications

Why Is Apptread the Right Back-end Development Partner?

As a professional back-end development company, we prioritize skill, knowledge, and creative focus, which ensures our team can deliver the best quality, always.

Outstanding Websites Require Outstanding Back-end Development Services

We know that how your business is portrayed is vital. Our back-end web development services are of the highest quality. Apptread’s developers take the utmost care to incorporate seamless back-end functionality into every website.

Outstanding Websites Require Outstanding <span>Back-end Development Services</span>

Website Back-end Development

Our specialists have a vast knowledge pool between them. We have developers who are proficient in languages like Python, Java, PHP, JavaScrip, Ruby, RoR, C#, and Golang.

Mobile App Back-end Development

One of our primary back-end app development services is creating robust and intuitive mobile apps suitable for different platforms and devices.

Cloud Infrastructure Development

The back-end development ensures that clous-based apps, no matter how intensive, are developed in a way that allows seamless and secure integration.

IoT Back-ends

To make sure you get the best out of every solution and can use them without hindrance, we run thorough back-end audits on their structures.

Back-end Support and Maintenance

Our experts are always available to provide constant support and maintenance at every stage of development and post-deployment, ensuring the solution is optimized for long-term sustainable functionality.

Microservice Architecture

Light-weight protocols and fine-grained microservices architecture guarantee seamless, cutting-edge performance.

Database Design

Our team uses NoSQL and SQL-centric database management systems and structures to optimize back-end flexibility and operations.

Back-end Redesign Services

If you are looking to redesign and revamp your existing app, our experts will use the latest tech and methodology to bring it into the new age.

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Our Back-end Development Services Approach

Regardless of the type of back-end app development services we offer, we follow a carefully structured and synchronized approach. We plan, design, and evaluate, and only then do we clear a product for launch. This guarantees effortless performance.

Backend Development Services for Varied Industries

When it comes to providing the best web development services, we cover ground across various industries. Our overall client base falls within the following sectors and access our services consistently.

Technologies We Use for Back-end Development

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FAQs on Backend Development

Apptread works on technologies like Node.js, Python, PHP, Java/J2EE, Microsoft.NET, JAVA, HTML5, and Ruby on Rails.

The back-end development services are usually wrapped up within 6–8 weeks.

Our team at Apptread keeps the client up-to-date on the web development needs throughout the process. Waiting for the final launch is a better alternative for a full view.

Back-end development services deal with the internal functionality of a website or application built. The apps we create are operational in different environments, give a better end-user experience, are easy to deploy and configure, have end-to-end security, and perform adequately.