Cloud-Native Application Development

Optimize your business operations towards digital transformation by utilizing an adept team of skilled developers to carry out cloud-native app development services.

Modern Approach to Build Cloud Native Apps with Cloud Development Company

If you are looking for a native cloud development company, it is critical to focus on the cutting-edge expertise and technological help they provide. Above all, the organization should have a capable team that creates adaptable, durable, and scalable cloud-native apps.

Apptread is one such cloud development service provider that supplies data-driven and robust coding approaches as well as micro-service architectures, all of which aid in maintaining the finest flexibility and security in cloud-native application services.

Modern Approach to Build <span>Cloud Native Apps</span> with Cloud <span>Development Company</span>

Why choose Apptread for Cloud-Native App Development

The team of developers at Apptread offers cloud-native application services using modern approaches such as serverless, containers, and micro-service development solutions. With our support, you can code, develop, manage, and deploy without compromising on your software quality or security.

Stay Cloud-ready with Our Native Cloud App Development Services

Cloud Migration Consulting

Apptread provides cloud migration consulting support, helping frame different architecture-based solutions and services for our clients. Containers that serve various e-commerce platforms with multi-tier cloud-native applications hold high value in different industry verticals.

  • Microservice development
  • Containers
  • Dynamic orchestration
  • Continuous delivery

Legacy App Modernization

Our work displays our collaboration with a number of current legacy apps and their greatest technology applications. The APIs and AI integration provide for more flexible operation and management of operational analytics.

  • APIs
  • Cloud hosting
  • Continuous management
  • Mainframes

Microservice Development

Our team focuses on microservice development, focusing on the varying principles of this approach. We help our company clients create small-scale services for a more extensive application and cohesively manage the more minor services.

  • Monolithic apps
  • Agile development
  • Java, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud

Container Strategy

The cloud-native application development services are highly scalable for an e-commerce platform, especially with the container strategy in place. We help manage this for organizations and provide adequate management support.

  • Kubernetes
  • The open-source container orchestration system
  • DevOps and Microservices
  • Cloud strategy


Apptread's development services include domain-driven designs that provide quick deployment, accessibility, and a broader range of effective upgrades. The skilled team of seasoned DevOps specialists assists with this process throughout the project's duration.

  • Microservices and Containers
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Multi-cloud
  • Cloud-native dev tools

Start Building a Powerful Cloud Native App

Trustworthy Cloud Development Process Strategy we follow

Apptread provides seamless cloud-native application development services with practical strategies and data analytics to maintain the efficacy of the application. Below mentioned is the consistent process flow we follow:

Cloud Technology Expertise


It is a flexible, cost-efficient, and Linux-based cloud computing program that maintains the creative base of cloud apps with improved scalability.


The AWS cloud computing services are best in the container base and serverless cloud-native app development solutions. In addition, the run database programs are the fastest with excellent analytics.

Google Cloud

It maintains the robust management of information and analytical database. Moreover, effective development of cloud SQL and cloud SDK streamlines the user interface and database.

Powering Industries with Cloud Native App Development

Join forces with us to receive assistance in developing methodical and high-quality solutions for e-commerce and industrial business platforms. We offer excellent cloud-native app development services that ensure great scalability in their app solutions for enterprises across sectors.

Cloud Native App Development Tech Stack that We are Best at

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Frequent Asked Questions

The cloud-native application is built by cloud computing technique and for similar architecture. However, the native application is customized and designed for a specific model with certain inherent features.

Developing a cloud-native application improves the functionality and flexibility of the cloud-native app. it also helps in specific task management of database, information, analytics, and accounting statistics with improved user accessibility. You can call us for more details.

The cloud-native application program provides a massive scope of flexibility, resulting in the high scalability of the ecommerce platform. Furthermore, it builds the cloud-native app by developing it with robust and sustainable infrastructure. As a result, the feature and its functions are resilient and highly cost-effective as per its characteristics.

Of course, yes, we as a team are available for you post-deployment of cloud-native applications. In addition, our maintenance team constantly gets your experience and follows regarding any issue as we provide the scope of development and rectification in applications.

The charge for outsourcing cloud development lies from $5000 to $100000. The charges vary according to the type of app and its functionality. Talk to our experts for further information.