Accelerate development with automation testing

Accelerate Development with Automation Testing

Curating a customized software and launching it to the global markets, industries must contend with compliance and risk management issues. The technology teams and experts must adhere to all the industry and bureaucratic processes that can hinder agility. It’s critically important for organizations developing software in regulated spaces to align QA and testing services with development initiatives. To accelerate time…

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Best tech stack

Top 5 Tech Stacks To Rule Software Development in

Just like your favorite KFC burger is a perfect combination of layered up steaks, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, veggies and chicken piled on top of one another, a functional and attractive website involves a set of tools clubbed together in a pack called a Tech Stack. Uber, Swiggy, Facebook Instagram are all examples of hundreds of available applications that use the…

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MVP Development

5 Reasons Supporting the Importance of MVP Development

Many startups create products that really don’t get attention and visibility in the market as they should, and vanish from the market because they are not built based on what consumers want. Creating a product without conducting market research and failing what needs to be delivered to the end-users can be a tiring process for start-ups. After all, it’s still…

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Software product development life cycle

Software Product Development Life Cycle: How to Choose a Model for Your Project

Men, the most superior race, have empowered themselves with complex things that make their lives easier. Augmented reality used in hospitals and video games, AI used in cars, IoT used in smart homes, are the core to the technological tools gaining popularity in today’s time. To make these things come into reality, organizations need to design high-tech software to build…

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