Trending Front-end Development Tools

10 Incredibly Useful Front-end Development Tools in 2021

Nowadays, businesses are making their online presence strong and many new startups are popping up in the market with the growth of disruptive technologies. To serve at their best, companies are focusing their attention on front-end development because an interactive and engaging website requires great efficiency and performance, which in turn generates a noticeable revenue. The front-end of a website is what a user perceives while browsing a particular website. However, developing a unique website with best-in-class features requires extensive technical…

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how to choose the right web development software for your business needs

Tips to choose web development platform for business needs

How do you showcase your business in the most aggressive market? Do you just pick up a platform and start building your idea on it or play a guessing game to go with the development on any chosen platform?   Yes, it is quite difficult in the crowd of competitors and thousands of businesses to promote your brand awareness with an even better quality of chosen web development platform. It is a daunting task to select the right…

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6 Key Principles for Successful Web Development

Do you notice how some businesses successfully engage potential clients without doing much effort?   You have come to the right place to know all about interactive websites and ways to keep pace with competitive companies.   Whether you are new in the market or a business giant, you definitely need an engaging and interactive website that can bring you more leads and make you…

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Design error detected

How to Avoid Common Website Redesign Errors?

Businesses run on visual representations nowadays. The pandemic has led everyone to live their lives virtually and organizations are not excluded from this either. In this case, Websites “the actual representation of your business” need to be pitch-perfect. When target users want to know about your businesses, websites come to your rescue.  Websites are not only a great way to…

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Top web design platform in 2021

5 Web Development Platforms to Design Your Website

Web development: Websites can be considered as digital business cards of a business with multiple calls to action for the customers. Every business sustaining the pandemic is relying on their business website to generate maximum leads and hence, trying their best to keep it updated with relevant and precise information. Customers look up at your website & make the best…

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Why website maintenance is important?

8 Reasons Why Website Maintenance is more important

Whenever you buy a new car, you try to keep it as shiny as your prized possession that requires timely maintenance. Just like the car, when it comes to a business website, it is a treasure that any organization needs to guard and uplift to maintain incoming revenues. Website maintenance is so much more than fixing the occasional broken link…

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Update on Backend Development

Backend Development: Update on Different Components & Functionalities

What is backend development? Everything that you do not see on a website that makes it work is the magic of Backend Development. It primarily refers to the server-side of your work that keeps the internet running behind the scenes. Backend developers are responsible for writing the codes which help communicate information to the browser.  Being a backend developer, the…

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