Financial advantages of Cloud

What are the Financial Advantages of Shifting to Cloud?

Shifting your applications and business to the cloud has several plausible reasons. Looking at modern-day organizations, the need to scale up the growth meter can be achieved by incorporating cloud computing. In reality, not only can cloud computing be utilized for company security, but it can also be employed for a wide range of other purposes. While the concept of…

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Cloud App Development

How Cloud Technology is a turning point for App Development?

Since the introduction of cloud technology in the tech market, the perspective of both businesspersons and developers towards app development has changed.  With every innovation in cloud technology, the existing features of mobile applications get enhanced and new features are introduced in the app wherever necessary, making the cloud technology trend on top and the most preferable choice of users worldwide.  Unlike traditional cloud app development methods, cloud technology offers…

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Challenges to Cloud Migration

6 Common Challenges to Cloud Migration

Businesses are changing today. Cloud is gaining popularity every day. With the onset of covid 19, many organizations have shifted to a remote working environment to maintain social distances and this has all the more pushed organizations to move their operations to the cloud. This is a major opportunity for companies to expand their functioning systems and increase their businesses…

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Understanding cloud-native applications

What is Cloud-Native Application? Everything you need to know!

What is Cloud-Native? With data exploding & consumers wanting more, the businesses are looking out for scalable options helping them in completing both demands cost-effectively. The solution is with cloud-native apps, starting from the ground level you leverage microservices, containers, orchestration, and automation. Cloud-native applications are developed for the cloud to take fair advantage of its uniqueness for scaling out…

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SaaS, IaaS & PaaS Which service model to choose?

Cloud Service Models SaaS, IaaS, PaaS – Choose the Right One for Your Business

With the age of personalization and specialization, cloud services are increasing in demand for future companies. Every company has limited resources that they have to allocate strategically, often leaving them to make crucial decisions on which business processes to be done in-house. The increasing demand for business process outsourcing units is one such example. Companies today are lending out the…

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migration risks and benefits

What are cloud migration risks and benefits?

The technical process of shifting applications, infrastructure, data, and other business elements and resources of a company to a cloud environment is called cloud migration. This transfer of data is a ‘conscious’ attempt taken by any company as, though, the cloud enables you to finish work with less downtime, lower costs, and zero data loss. To be precise, there are…

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