The Systemwide Benefits of an Oracle EBS 12.2 Upgrade

The Systemwide Benefits of an Oracle EBS 12.2 Upgrade

EBS applications serve as the backbone of day-to-day business success. Since the 1980s, businesses have entrusted Oracle software to enhance their functioning. Originally designed as a financial tool for enterprises, it has evolved significantly. Presently, the platform includes modules like ERP, CRM, and Supply Chain Management, constituting the comprehensive Oracle E-Business Suite that fulfills diverse software needs. This upgrade ensures premier support until 2031, sustaining operational excellence. Hence, Oracle advocates for customers to transition to the latest EBS 12.2.

While sticking to the familiar might seem comfortable, organizations utilizing older software versions are overlooking enticing upgrades. Version 12.2 stands as the most robust and reliable release, offering numerous advantages. Upgrading to version 12.2 presents businesses with the opportunity to experience how the latest EBS iteration maintains relevance without interrupting daily operations.

Benefits of Oracle EBS 12.2

1. Painless Online Patching

Typically, system upgrades revolve around backend components like middleware or security updates, leaving employees unaware, except for the need to pause operations until the upgrade concludes.

However, the latest Oracle EBS upgrade addresses this issue by employing online patching through the ADOP utility. This system maintains two versions of the EBS application: an active version utilized by employees and a hidden patch version managed by ADOP. While users continue their operations, the system works in the background, patching, fixing, and upgrading the concealed version in preparation for the update.

Once the changes in the patch version are finalized, the system smoothly transitions the final patch version to become the active one, simultaneously upgrading the previous functional version in the background for the upcoming patching cycle. This transition to an upgraded EBS version can occur seamlessly outside regular business hours, ensuring the business has the most secure version without disrupting productivity.

2. Optimized, User-Friendly Interface

Some software platforms employ a standardized approach, limiting businesses in their ability to adjust and enhance functionality. However, Oracle EBS 12.2 introduces an enhanced interface that promotes customization. This allows organizations to tailor the EBS home page, facilitating swift access to essential modules for users. The updated home page mirrors the user-friendly design seen in modern cloud applications and resembles the intuitive layout of mobile devices. This simplified view eliminates confusion, streamlining workflows.

3. Long-Term Premier Support

Oracle is committed to a Continuous Innovation approach, focusing on delivering advancements and updates to their technology stack that enhance application functionality, scalability, and usability, and reduce total ownership costs. The latest Oracle EBS 12.2 introduces new functionalities driven by the latest technologies and assures premier support until 2031.

Furthermore, the continuous innovation approach ensures a seamless transition from one update to the next, with each new release incorporating innovative features while complying with the latest client data safety standards.

Enhancements to the Oracle Order Management module, updates to various Oracle Command Centers, functional upgrades across the platform, and connectivity with other Oracle resources are included in the latest patch. The most recent update also establishes connections with other Oracle resources, providing businesses with upgraded automation tools when utilizing EBS within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Version 12.2 users can now utilize EBS Mobile, enabling access via smartphone apps, while also enhancing security measures and safeguarding sensitive user information using the EBS Person Data Removal Tool.

Key Considerations while Planning EBS 12.2 Upgrade

Often, customers overlook the essential groundwork needed for a successful upgrade, which is a critical aspect of optimizing the benefits of the offering. Insufficient awareness and improper project sizing can result in inadequate planning and post-launch challenges. It is imperative for businesses to meticulously evaluate and establish an Oracle EBS environment to guarantee a successful and hassle-free upgrade process.

1. Roadmap for Upgrade

There exists a spectrum of upgrade options, ranging from ‘like-to-like upgrades,’ which entail minimal alterations to processes, to ‘Transformational Upgrades,’ involving significant changes in functionalities and processes within current solutions.

2. Scope of Upgrades

The majority of upgrades involve CEMLI (Customization, Extension, Modification, Localization, Integration) enhancements, functional testing, and migration of infrastructure to Cloud platforms like OCI/AWS/Azure. Businesses require a tool capable of comprehending database size, performance metrics, module extent, intricacies of business workflows, and the quantity of CEMLIs necessitating adjustments to accurately determine the upgrade’s scope.

3. End-to-End Testing

Rigorous test iterations are important to guarantee the absence of any dysfunctional elements in the upgraded setting. In the case of like-to-like upgrades, the IT team needs to scrutinize all business test scenarios meticulously to minimize disruptions throughout the project phases. An adept Upgrade Enablement Partner (UEP) assists in navigating uncertainties and risks, and defining upgrade methodologies, processes, and automation tools necessary for your upgrade journey.

The Road Ahead

The end of premier support for Oracle EBS 12.1 has prompted numerous businesses to consider upgrading to EBS 12.2. When executed correctly, migrating to Oracle EBS 12.2 offers numerous advantages. However, this transition represents a significant upgrade necessitating meticulous execution for a seamless shift. Employing a robust testing strategy, particularly with a dedicated test automation tool designed for Oracle EBS, can significantly enhance the smoothness, cost-effectiveness, and risk mitigation of this transition.

Should you feel uncertain about proceeding, a seasoned development team such as Apptread can provide expert guidance throughout the process. Rest assured, once version 12.2 is implemented, the system can effortlessly progress to the most recent release through online patching tools. Your business will swiftly benefit from heightened security measures, functional enhancements, and streamlined workflows available in Oracle EBS 12.2.

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