Android Development Partner

3 Factors to Consider While Selecting an Android Development Partner

If your business is planning to initiate an Android development project, there will always be a requirement for skilled professionals with precise expertise. And if the need is for a business-centric mobile app, Android/iOS application development is the way to go. In this blog post, we will discuss how searching for an appropriate Android development partner can assist you in…

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reduce app development cost

5 Ways to Effectively Reduce Mobile App Development Costs

The use of mobile apps has become a part of our daily dealings be it for ordering food, booking a cab, or managing money transactions. As technology is shaping itself at a quick pace, new-age mobile apps are now loaded with AI, ML, and IoT-based features that make them more interactive and user-friendly. With new add-ons, the cost of app…

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9 Best Tips to Ensure Mobile Application Security

9 Best Tips to Ensure Mobile Application Security

The dependency of humans on mobile devices and applications has reached an inevitable stage. Be it for personal use or business operations, the presence of a mobile app to manage tasks on the go has upheld convenience and comfort as two primary factors. Looking at the modern world and its requirements, a mobile app is required for shopping, ordering food, video conferencing, chatting, instant messaging, hailing cab services, mobile banking, online…

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Apptread Gets Felicitated With The Innovative App Developer Award By ComHQ

Apptread Grabs The Innovative App Developer Award By ComHQ

We are updating our website. Yet again. Why? We have bagged another prestigious title and the badge of honor needs a shelf space on our website. So we are making space on our virtual trophy corner. ComHQ, the referred online B2B directory, conferred upon us their “Innovative App Developer Award for the year 2021”. And we are beyond elated to…

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App Development Cost 2021

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an App in 2021?

Mobile phone users are expected to reach 7 billion by 2022 and the number of smartphone users is expected to grow to 2.5 billion users. Hence, there are no leaps and bounds for the growth in the opportunities for customer-centered businesses and app developers. Ever wondered why businesses are so focused on developing apps around their services? Since mobiles have…

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Rise of Mobile Wallets

The Rise of Mobile Wallets Technology

Given the sudden uprise of smartphone users worldwide including the small towns and villages, organizations and businesses see this as a big opportunity to serve these untapped areas. Back from being a new kid in the town to the fastest growth opportunity, the global FinTech industry has gone through a major transformation and changed the way consumers used to behave…

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Android Instant App Thing's to Know

Everything You Should Know About Android Instant App

Android Instant Applications are a fantastic way to launch and let the world know about your native apps, without the user installing them priory.  Only parts of the app are downloaded and launched, giving the users a native look and feel in a couple of seconds as this technology provides the native experience of Android apps without actual installation. When…

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Enterprise Application Devlopment Trends 2021

Enterprise Application Development: 5 Hot Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Over the years Enterprise Application Development has become more and more agile, where companies today are working comprehensively to devise better applications that can suffice their personal needs as well as help them deliver the best solutions to their customers. So, What is Enterprise Application Development all about? Enterprise software also referred to as Enterprise Application Software (EAS), is a…

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Pharmacy app development

Medicine Delivery App Development: How to Set Up an Online Pharmaceutical App?

Opening an online Pharmaceutical App is the most under-explored area of an e-commerce business, hence is a great business idea, even today. With online selling becoming the center of all business activities, E-pharmacies have to be a part of the race. Whether you wish to take your current pharmacy store business online or start one from scratch, this write-up will…

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How to build a video chat app?

Roadmap of How to Build a Video Chat App

Living in the informational age of digital life and online communication, video chat apps have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. And as the COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted normal operations & work from home has become the new normal, companies have started connecting via video chat apps to conduct team meetings. This has led to a great…

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