Infor LN in the Cloud: Unleashing the Power of Scalable ERP Solutions

Infor LN in the Cloud: Unleashing the Power of Scalable ERP Solutions

Over the years, conventional ERP models relying on physical client servers and manual data entry systems have been substituted by cloud ERP solutions. Cloud-based ERP systems are accessible remotely, through the web, adding a prominent competitive edge over traditional systems. Additionally, by outsourcing ERP system requirements to third-party vendors, businesses can capitalize on the expertise of software professionals while maintaining focus on their core competencies. This approach allows for the optimization of resources and the achievement of business objectives while minimizing diversion towards non-core activities.

Infor is a global leader in enterprise-level solutions with a unique (industry-specific) selling point. Infor’s ERP Solutions comprise in-built features and functionalities to specifically assist enterprises in their respective industries. Being a global leader in Cloud ERP for product-centric enterprises (Gartner), Infor is claiming a strong foothold in future ERP markets across all industries.

The manufacturing industry comprises the majority of Infor’s ERP users, with Infor LN at the forefront of manufacturing-specific ERP solutions. Infor LN is an enterprise-level solution developed specifically to simplify and streamline operational processes for discrete manufacturers. Let’s take a closer look at how Infor LN facilitates manufacturers to remain competitive and future-proofs their operational functionalities.

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Infor LN Modules

Infor LN is a cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software explicitly tailored to serve the business requirements of manufacturing organizations. Its core focus is to streamline and optimize the integration process across various supply chains, thereby enabling agile and cost-effective operations. Some of its core modules are mentioned below:


  • Automated accounting; keeps track of inventory
  • Enterprise Asset Management modules
  • Financial Overview module to carry out reconciliation of company’s accounts and upholding compliance to GAAP standards

Human Capital Management

  • Enables communication between organizational silos
  • Tracks productivity and absenteeism in employees
  • Workforce forecasting capabilities

Manufacturing Management

  • Analyzes and adjusts external changes in material costs
  • Planning Modules
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Resource and Quality Management

Procurement, Sales, and Inventory Management

  • Materials Management (Procurement of raw material)
  • Associates prices with products; pricing models differ depending on pre-determined features and customizations
  • Keeps track of inventory
  • Runs simulations to test critical policies

Supply Chain Management

  • Freight Management
  • Supplier Relation Management
  • Warehousing
  • Supply Chain Management

Customer Relationship Management

  • Offers a one-stop, multi-channel platform for manufacturers to combine operational efforts (marketing, sales, and services) and customer experience
  • Facilitates interaction between customers and manufacturers

CloudSuite Industrial Integration with Infor LN ERP

Infor LN is a widely adopted ERP solution by discrete manufacturers. The product boasts a strong on-premises and cloud-based presence and provides manufacturers with the necessary visibility to act quickly and effectively in response to customer, supplier, and regulatory demands. Infor’s capability to automate repetitive processes has allowed manufacturers to bypass tedious tasks and focus on innovating new competitive edges over their competitors. However, integrating Infor LN with CloudSuite Industrial has unlocked new revolutionary operational functionalities.

CloudSuite Industrial is a cloud-based, comprehensive end-to-end solution pioneering a complete digital transformation of manufacturing processes. Integrating CloudSuite with LN ERP unlocks new business capabilities like remote access to enterprise resources, multi-site management through one single control system, real-time data collection and analytics, and predictive analytics. Some advanced capabilities enabled by CloudSuite Industrial are mentioned here:

Customer 360

CloudSuite offers Customer 360 solutions accounting for end-to-end product and consumer cycles, managing and analyzing sales and marketing campaigns, empowering customers through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) order placement, etc.

Enhanced Financial Management

Amalgamating LN with CloudSuite Industrial adds enhanced financial management capabilities to the ERP system. With advanced financial modules like treasury management, accounts payables & receivables, etc., Industrial has helped manufacturers unlock the full potential of their financial operations by leveraging these robust financial solutions. Contributing to the automation of processes, manufacturers can ensure regulatory compliance, real-time data analytics, well-informed decision-making capabilities, etc.

Improved Production Cycles

Specifically designed to streamline operations, optimize productivity, and promote innovation in manufacturing processes, CloudSuite provides end-to-end visibility and management of the planning process, production cycle, supply chain management, and quality control. With greater visibility and insights into operational processes, Industrial assists manufacturers in recognizing bottlenecks, making data-driven decisions, and optimizing customer experiences.

Supply Chain Management

CloudSuite Industrial facilitates seamless supplier collaboration, enhances demand planning, and optimizes inventory management and order fulfillment. Industrial acts as a one-stop platform to manage all supply chain operations and mitigate prevalent market risks as and when needed.

Upcoming Feature Enhancements in CloudSuite

The new feature upgrades are meant to further future-proof Infor’s ERP legacy by introducing an additional layer of innovative, disruptive technology. Infor’s Cloud ERP solutions for the manufacturing industry have introduced new system capabilities that will enhance supply chain resilience, optimize productivity, and drive profitability.

1. Product 360

This feature enables a 360 view of the production processes, facilitating centralized dashboards for better product visibility and providing KPIs and insightful data analytics to streamline production processes.

2. Configurable Product Workspace

This new enhancement entails customizable, unique product configurations via Configure Price Quote (CPQ) from a single screen. This workspace is a tool for customer service representatives that tracks information and consolidates all sales orders in one place.

3. Supplier Portal

This portal enables seamless collaboration and communication between suppliers and distributors. The advanced self-service collaboration tool built into the portal allows enterprises to directly communicate with their suppliers regarding shipping, manufacturing, order fulfillment, and transportation processes.

4. Enterprise Collaboration Portal

This portal enables seamless third-party collaboration. Subcontractors can examine, approve, or reject orders, seek payment, and work together easily on cross-functional order transactions. In addition to managing crucial insurance and compliance paperwork, this new feature provides a thorough communication history and expedited response capabilities.


Infor’s ERP solutions offer convenience of usability to enterprises through both on-premises and remote deployment. Manufacturing companies can choose to integrate their ongoing Infor ERP operations with CloudSuite and launch them entirely in the cloud or combine cloud and on-premises systems into a hybrid deployment. For consistency and ease of use, the code base remains the same in all scenarios. However, the Cloud has facilitated endless possibilities for enterprises without the need for hardware infrastructure, making coordination of core activities through the web easier and the ERP solutions more scalable, efficient, and accessible.

As an Infor Cloud Solutions provider, Apptread facilitates a smooth transition to the Infor Cloud, enabling increased scalability, improved accessibility, and optimized operations. Our expertise enables companies to leverage a variety of solutions without having to worry about hardware management. If you are ready for a seamless digital transformation at the core, reach out to us at