digital disruption through digital transformation

Top 10 Challenges of Digital Transformation in 2021

Digital transformation is catching on rapidly. Many companies are ready to adopt digital technologies or modernize their business models. But do you know a few successful companies have a back story of numerous failures?  So, what did they learn from their failures?   Digital transformation is something that is not everyone’s cup of tea. To prepare yourself for the disruption or accept the new change, you need to know…

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In-house Development vs Outsourcing

In-House Development Vs Outsourcing: Overview of Pros and Cons

Depending on the size of a company, nature of the business, process flows, project sizes, IT budgets, and business strategy, a company may choose to opt for an In-House development or an outsourcing model for its projects. Outsourcing is a trend that has been widely spread across the world for its cost-effective nature and is sure to expand in the…

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Software Development Trends

10 Top trends of Software Industry

The fast-paced digital transformation influences all life spheres including business, healthcare, IT & software,  manufacturing, travel, and entertainment. Every day people use AI-enabled programs like Gmail, Google predictive searches, and personalized product recommendations even without noticing this. Many logistics and manufacturing companies are already using robotics to automate operations and optimize costs. Everyone has heard of cryptocurrencies that were a…

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Path to Digital Transformation

Pave your path to Success by shifting to the Digital Future

The scope of digital innovation is rewriting the norms of the business. Talking about the present, companies are more data-driven than ever. Disruption in digital technology is increasingly changing how enterprises stay competitive in a global, connected economy. From e-commerce to manufacturing and financial services to healthcare, IT services to travel & hospitality, organizations are pushing to reinvent themselves. The…

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Cost Based v/s Value Based Solutions

Why shifting from Cost Based Solutions to Value Based Solutions is crucial?

For service providers, the vision at present is set on aspects and activities that drive the fulfillment of business goals when looking to modernize technology solutions. These goals must be taken ahead as strategies mandatory to achieve success and growth for the concerned business. Even though identifying business drivers gets more difficult as organizations become more complex, now the industry…

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Transform Digitally with Apptread digital transformation solutions

Learn how Apptread is Helping the Businesses in Leveraging Digital Technologies

In Nov 2019, China confirmed its first case of COVID-19 & since then the world’s economy has been on lockdown. The Global economy is facing disruptions of tragic proportions, with industries like Aviation, Travel, Hospitality, and Oil & Gas particularly hard hit. Many organizations have turned to technology to maintain their operations and relevance. Businesses & brands too are accepting…

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