10 Cloud-Based Services You Should Know About If You Own a Business

10 Cloud-Based Services You Should Know About If You Own a Business

When the pandemic hit, enterprises were already moving their operations to the cloud due to the boom in digital use and the speed at which data is being collected. However, as more businesses transition to full-time remote employment, they also require solutions to maintain data security and global accessibility.

Enterprises can provide employees with simple access to data and maintain the security of confidential information. At the same time, cloud-based services can be a great approach to this.

But you might think, what are Cloud-based Services, and how can they help your business? The term “cloud-based services” is extremely broad. Cloud services are simply IT capabilities that are made available online. So that clients may access and use these cloud-based services whenever they choose, vendors are responsible for ensuring they are always available.

We have enumerated a list of the top 10 cloud-based services available. Below services mentioned can be leveraged by firms to help enhance employee communication, typical company procedures, and many other areas.

Top 10 Popular Cloud Services

1. Asana

Asana is a cloud-based tool that aids Internal Communication and Knowledge transfer within the workplace effectively. Using Asana, you can organize and manage project communication better. In addition, using Asana’s assistance lets you concentrate on what matters and consolidate your work for easy collaboration.

2. Trello

Trello is a task management tool that provides a visual breakdown of what is being worked on, who is contributing to it right now, and where it is in the workflow. Trello organizes all of your tasks, collaborators, and resources.

3. Salesforce

Salesforce offers a range of software tools and solutions to let its users create and deploy specialized software. In addition, Salesforce makes it simple for a business to communicate with and access customer information. For example, Salesforce gives the advertising, administrative, and Customer support teams access to a simple interface to examine a customer’s experience.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot was created to track and manage a sales lead. HubSpot brings together everything a growing business needs to provide outstanding customer service in one location. As a result, firms worldwide are using HubSpot to develop more successfully, from tiny businesses to major corporations.

5. NetSuite

The whole range of business procedures inside an organization, from financial administration to billing and inventory management, are automated by the comprehensive and adaptable cloud-based service known as NetSuite. One integrated solution from NetSuite can handle a company’s business administration needs.


Software for enterprise resource planning, or SAP ERP, was created by SAP SE. User may synchronize their company activities with real-time software using SAP’s ERP platform. According to how a business wants its operations to be tailored to meet particular demands, SAP ERP offers additional flexibility and a wide portfolio for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

7. BambooHR

BambooHR assists HR managers with various tasks like hiring, onboarding, planning remuneration, creating a positive culture, monitoring payroll, and tracking time. This all-in-one programme automates most routine HR procedures. BambooHR offers user-friendly software with employee self-service, analytics, and data tracking for human resources. The programme has an easy-to-use interface and procedure, as well as records management for anything from performance evaluations to health paperwork.

8. Sage Business Cloud People

Specifically designed for bigger businesses with international operations, Sage Business Cloud People provides HR professionals with complete insight into their worldwide workforces. Sage offers an enterprise-level HR solution with a centralized database and reporting that may be used. Sage People can help your HR staff and your workers. Take advantage of flexible processes, smart analytics, and sophisticated automation.

9. Slack

Slack is a team collaboration and messaging service for businesses that links individuals to the knowledge they need while simplifying conversations. Many businesses utilize Slack to increase productivity and provide speedier reaction times than email. In Slack, communication occurs in channels categorized by projects, teams, topics, or various other workflows.

10. Zoho People

Zoho People allows you to manage and access your personnel data in one place. All you need to get started is a Zoho account and a device with an internet connection. Employee self-service, time tracking, leave planning, attendance management system, and other HR tasks are all included in Zoho People. Employees may utilize the portal to submit their leave digitally, and organizations can use Zoho People to personalize the leave kinds.

How to Make Most Of the Cloud-Based Services

Given how far they have gone in such a short period, cloud-based services have practically limitless potential as we advance. As a result, vendors are always enhancing the technological capabilities of their cloud apps; read this article to learn about Cloud Service Models SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS – Choose the Right One for Your Business.

Enterprise Resource Planning software experienced a sharp surge in popularity as more and more companies use them to boost productivity and simplify communication. In addition, during the past 3-4 years, there has been a significant shift in how businesses operate. Organizations in the cloud use modern technologies to manage business operations; However, cloud migration has difficulties.

These challenges may seem impossible at first. Therefore, engaging a knowledgeable cloud migration service provider is a simple next step. You may contact Apptread as a cloud migration service provider for your next projects. Apptread will hasten your move to the cloud and offer a comprehensive strategy for becoming digital with the least amount of disturbance to the company.