3 Factors to Consider While Selecting an Android Development Partner

3 Factors to Consider While Selecting an Android Development Partner

If your business is planning to initiate an Android development project, there will always be a requirement for skilled professionals with precise expertise. And if the need is for a business-centric mobile app, Android/iOS application development is the way to go.

In this blog post, we will discuss how searching for an appropriate Android development partner can assist you in scaling up your business goals.

Here are the three prime factors to look at while hiring an Android development partner:

Expertise in Android Components

Components are a collection of entry points for your software app, each with its function. Some are self-sufficient, while others are reliant. Services, activities, content, and broadcast receivers are just a few examples of component types. To create the greatest, most smooth application and assure maximum speed, Android developers must understand how to use components.

Android App Development Resources/Tools

It is critical to ensure that your Android development partner is familiar with automation tools. Furthermore, knowledge and experience with an integrated development environment (IDE) are advantageous while developing Android applications, especially Android instant apps. Android application studio, Apache Maven, Apache Ant, Eclipse, and Gradle are the IDE alternatives. Furthermore, the Android development partner you employ should be well-versed in control tools, as well as the usage of GitHub, GIT-source repository, and Bitbucket.

Android SDK

Another key consideration is whether or not the Android developer can create software apps using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). The recruited development team should be familiar with all aspects of the Android SDK, including its unique features and restrictions.

Performance, application responsiveness, UI thread blocking, hardware polling, and other Android limitations characteristics that, if not controlled effectively, can negatively influence performance. Working with expert Android developers will assist you in developing a mobile app with suitable design and performance, hence eliminating any complaints from the user.

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Additional Factors to Consider While Hiring Android Development Company

1. Alignment with Your Organization

An excellent app development company should work as an extension of your company and be in sync with your goals. They should not only walk you through the process of developing an Android app, but they should also offer suggestions based on their previous experience with comparable applications and their knowledge of what works within the app store.

2. Pricing

We cannot discard pricing as a vital factor while selecting an app development provider. However, when choosing an Android app development provider, the cheapest choice isn’t necessarily the greatest, hence, consider the broader picture in the long term. It is advisable to not go for a firm only considering the price aspect. Instead, consider how they arrived at their entire price strategy.

Reviewing a few bids with a clear breakdown of work and then comparing project plans and time estimates is the best way to go. Also, try to determine the number of hours and resources proposed by each firm, and then compare their overall expenses.

3. Knowledge of APIs

APIs are being used. Android programmers are required to be well-versed in APIs. Test the candidate’s comprehension of JSON/REST and XML/SOAP APIs to see if they are competent in this area.

4. Back-End Expertise

Back-end knowledge is essential. They don’t have to be back-end experts, but a fundamental grasp of that part of the development process is required.


You can follow the above-mentioned approach to select Android development partners without much confusion. But to cut short the chase and make things more simplified, contact Apptread, a globally trusted Android app development company. Our specialists utilize all of the newest technology as well as business methods to provide the finest possible service to our clients.