3 Major Development Challenges in eCommerce Apps

3 Major Development Challenges in eCommerce Apps

Despite being a breakdown year for several industries, the year 2020 has been a boon for the IT industry that gave a huge plunge to the major app development and website development service providers all across the world. The worldwide lockdown and pushed quarantines directed by a majority of governments have forced companies, startups, and a lot of individuals to go ahead and start with their own ventures.

Being a client, one thing most business owners frequently enquire their developers about is:

How much more time?

Every other client is eager to push their website or application into the market and hit it with profits before their competitors to get that first movers’ advantage.

Being a developer is one thing you will find common in every other client you would have in your development career. The need to be in a hurry and anxiety to get there first.

One thing your clients mostly tend to ignore is the level of challenges developers have to face while creating a customized product for every individual customer. Maintaining uniqueness along with ensuring simplicity requires time and effort to be invested into building a robust application.

Did you Know: Consumers spent $861.12 billion online with U.S. retailers in 2020, up 44.0% from $598.02 billion in 2019.

With the rise in the demand for online applications, the market for eCommerce apps has increased significantly over the past few years (thanks to Covid19).

From thousands of big and small services and business solutions made online, e-commerce is leading by being at the top of the list with the greatest number of applications being made worldwide. Now, this needs not be mentioned how covid19 has worked as a catalyst in this entire process.

All this leads to a single conclusion: eCommerce applications are the need of the hour and the market for these apps is determined to grow in the coming decades.

So, what does this means for a developer?

More demand for e-commerce applications in the market means more demand for application developers and more apps being released every single day. Every other application that’s created and customized for individual business solutions comes with its own set of challenges. Mostly the issues developers face while developing their applications are specific to an industry and may vary from service to service or product to product, but a lot of these challenges are common to all e-commerce apps.

In this write-up, we will talk about three major challenges to e-commerce development that are mostly faced by eCommerce app developers in the market today.

1. Changes in Designing

The biggest challenge you will come across while creating e-commerce app areas the front-end implementation issues that involve designing.

Choosing the right backed stack is the easiest process that mostly involves your developer suggesting few alternative combinations of tools or software that can be used in the build, followed by your required integrations and features. Problems arise when the actual design of your application comes into the picture.

Front-end designing can be abstract that involves a lot of trial hit and error methods to identify what looks best on-page because, unlike engineering, designing cannot be achieved until it’s visible on the screen.

Ideally, your client would want you to have three-four design prototypes available for them to see at every stage that may delay your development process a little. Issues come up when your client wishes to make last-minute changes to the process build-in. This becomes frustrating for a developer because the design is integral to almost every part of your front-end build and requesting changes within the build-in isolation from the entire set becomes difficult and time-consuming and slows down your project speed to a great extent.

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2. Data Sorting, Transfer, and Migration

When it comes to an eCommerce application, the most crucial element backing your eCommerce app is data. This could be your product details, your customers’ profile data, demand-supply data, and so on. Every eCommerce project includes the transfer of such huge chunks of data from one platform to another at some stage in the app development process. It could mean moving data from an old outdated website to a new one, moving old accounting data or HR data into a better management system, and so on. This process is integral to eCommerce applications building and is one of the major challenges for developers in the eCommerce app development process.

Every company’s data is unique and there is no such thing as one-data-store-or-migration-process-fits-to-all behavior that can be followed in this. The storage space also becomes a major issue because, unlike other web applications, customer information and data sets collected in customer profiles through eCommerce apps is an extremely confidential set of information that cannot be risked by saving on unsecured data platforms. This information may include already saved account details, card-related information, and so on, and ensuring the confidentiality of this information becomes an integral part of an app development process.

And in most cases, there are only a few people at each company who know what data is relevant, how to display it, and where it all lives across systems. This adds to the complexity, as data migration is the perfect time to clean your system of old, unnecessary data while preserving the more valuable artifact data.

Above all, prepare for this process takes some time. Data imports are a crucial part of an eCommerce project and they’re one of the more complex aspects to plan out.

3. Data and Systems Integration

Every eCommerce site or any other system for that matter always has certain tools or already existing third-party systems that need to be integrated with the new platform that is generated on the system. These could be order processing platforms, internal systems for shipping, analytics, your accounting platform, or any other third-party platform. While functioning in the initial stages of your company’s software development, it’s most likely that your workforce may be hands-on with these tools and systems and may become reluctant to change. This becomes the biggest barrier when migration comes into the picture.

Integrating already existing data or systems with new software is a major challenge for eCommerce website development because the data involved is huge. Moreover, in the case of startups or small enterprises, this software that is developed is customized as per individual company needs that becomes all the more difficult to integrate into the system.

Developers responsible for integrating these systems need to be aware of which systems are involved in this process, their interconnection with each other, and which process is necessary to be adopted to bring them into the new system. If not accounted for properly from the very beginning, it is most likely that many of your most crucial systems may be forgotten by the time the build stage begins to function.


The key to avoiding these challenges is to develop a strategy that incorporates all these shortfalls into your planning process from the beginning. All these issues cannot be preplanned but taking a methodological approach towards attaining more stability into this is vital for your business. Clear communications and increased dialogues with your developers’ team can help avoid miscommunications within the development process. But even before starting, for a client to have crystal clear clarity over their future projects and exact requirements can help save a lot of time for the developers towards the end.

There can be situations where even after knowing your exact project requirements a company may not be able to receive the required output from the service providers they approached. This could be because of incompetence from the developer’s side. Approaching the right eCommerce app development company is the way to move ahead in this. Connect with Apptread for your next eCommerce app development requirements. Apptread can help you build an ultimate eCommerce app. Their top-rated eCommerce development services can help you boost your online store engagement and make it easier for your customers to buy and connect with your brand.

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