6 Major Roadblocks in Cloud App Development

6 Major Roadblocks in Cloud App Development

The growth of cloud applications has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. According to a report by Statista, the global market of cloud app value is forecasted to grow to $166.83 billion by the end of 2024. These statistics evidently highlight an optimistic future for cloud-based applications.   

Cloud services, nowadays, are no longer utilized just as a means to reduce the overall cost of equipment and performance only but also as to gain an edge over its competitors. Cloud-based business solutions are also scalable, giving businesses greater options to advance.   

However, with all greater opportunities, we cannot discard cloud adoption challenges that exist in various shapes, sizes, and severity levels, depending on the enterprise. While some are terrible, harmful, or questionable, none should be dismissed as minor. This article will discuss the major roadblocks that you might have while opting for cloud application development.

List of Major Challenges in Cloud App Development

Performance Issue 

Cloud applications can sometimes stress the performance of systems by presenting them with new problems. When information is spread across numerous data centers, network difficulties, latency, and a restricted network pipeline can wreak havoc on the systems.

It is important to know where your data centers are, as you can’t predict the amount of time it will take to render a set of data, the UI, and the style sheet. These things can adversely affect the consumer experience with an application. Even a few seconds of downtime can cost you a user.

Solution for this issue: Initiating detailed research on the cloud service vendor’s infrastructure and asking major questions can save the performance of your app from suffering in the long run. Create applications in such a way that communication networks are available at all stages of the process. To get the desired result, cloud-based applications must be prepared to deal with bandwidth constraints as well as server load or lag.

Security Issue 

Engaging with partners and clients are some regular activities that firms involve, which may even create situations of frequent data sharing. Which eventually may lead to a breach in the data. Beyond permission, application security has always been an area where application developers want assistance and support. User security is growing, but it remains a difficulty, owing largely to the condition of browsers; thus, applications must ensure that crucial security is performed outside of the browser.

Solution for this issue: Best practices to tackle this problem is by implementing robust encryption, using reverse proxy for security concerns, SSL can help in meeting the security needs in any cloud application development.

Not All App are Meant for Cloud

There are some limitations to developing applications on the cloud as if an app is more inclined to inflexibility, not easy to access, and tough to imitate, then the testing and development of that app on the cloud would be great pain.

Solution for this issue: This will be more sensible to avoid constructing large-budget cloud apps. Try to avoid applications with legacy coding designs, significant data security, or regulatory constraints.

Integration Issue 

Often businesses frequently underestimate the complexities of cloud integration and the potential consequences for their systems. Cloud apps can have a plethora of little modules that interact with one another. Backtracking the network might be time-consuming, especially with cloud-native apps. The lack of visibility adds to the already existing hardship. When compared to the company’s internal tools, the Cloud service vendor may use distinct development and monitoring tools at times.

Solution for this issue: The Users need to comprehend the vendor’s products, services, and tools, as well as the amount of labor required to link various items.

Lack of Documentation 

When developers work in cloud development, they are often left with insufficient documentation. With the availability of the right tools and resources, the developer team can get an edge in coding the application within the environment.

Solution for this issue: Partnering with consulting firms and leveraging their years of experience to satisfy the rising demand can be a great achievable practice that every business can work on.

Scalability Problem 

As the business grows, the goals change too. To achieve the goal of maximum performance and budget efficiency, it is essential to ensure the scalability of your cloud application. One should be concerned about its technical implementation in advance.

While every cloud service provider ensures their clients of scalability when needed, only a few of them fulfill their promise to achieve scalability. In case, if the app started getting popular and the usage soars, make sure that all the excess data flow can be handled by your backend team.

Solution for this issue: To tackle this challenge and to obtain scalability whenever you need it, go for the hybrid cloud strategy. Implementing hybrid cloud architecture for app development gives the advantage of scaling up and down as per the requirement. Avoid pre-defined programs that put you at risk of paying too much or requiring more than you have. Best to discuss it with the cloud software development service provider.

Wrapping Up

Everything from apps to business processes may be delivered as a cloud service from anywhere and at any time. Small, medium and big enterprises may all profit from cloud app development.

There are various advantages to cloud app development, including cost reductions due to the lack of hardware, particular software, or servers. Because the product will be more accessible and the workflow will be more solid, it will boost feasibility.

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