Accelerate Development with Automation Testing

Accelerate Development with Automation Testing

Curating a customized software and launching it to the global markets, industries must contend with compliance and risk management issues. The technology teams and experts must adhere to all the industry and bureaucratic processes that can hinder agility. It’s critically important for organizations developing software in regulated spaces to align QA and testing services with development initiatives. To accelerate time to market without compromising quality or risking non-compliance, testing should be embedded throughout the software delivery pipeline process.

When one company outsources its mobile and app development projects, the software development partner usually builds them using the agile development methodology, and in all parts of the software development lifecycle, from idea inception to development to deployment, testing practices are included to implement the fast go-to-market principle.

When we talk about custom software development as per the client’s expectations, we cannot overlook testing and QA, as it is a critical part of the development process. If following agile techniques, it becomes super easy to detect bugs early in the development cycle, which allows the team to fix bugs quickly. But when the later stages of software development reach, the team requires repeated tests and quality analysis in very specific scenarios. 

In each agile development sprint, developers build a few features while testers test all of the applications. This includes testing all-new features, as well as the old ones, and the integration of new ones with the old ones. The testing process is lengthy, as they need to continuously check that the new development doesn’t mess with the old product. In such peculiar scenarios, manual testing becomes a slower and very stressful option. Teams try to cut slacks to save time and this can hamper the quality of the product. Thus, our team adopts agile development approaches with automation testing, to cope with continuous development projects.

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Why We Use Automation Testing In The Software Development Cycle: 


1. Cost Saving

Automated testing is way more cost-effective than manual. Manual testing never allows you to run repetitive tests. In fact, the cost of testing your application manually rises as time goes by as everything happens manually. By contrast, automated testing is cheaper in the long-term perspective, because once the team creates the test and quality scripts, we can reuse them 24/7 without any additional cost. Although the initial adoption of automation testing can be expensive as the projects come along, the ROI is amplified. The more automated test cases we create, the higher return on investment we generate. 

2. Fast Development and Delivery

Automation testing helps the enterprises in getting the software fast, as automated tests help the development partner save a lot of time and effort. These tests are 100% rapid and can be done repetitively in just a few. As the execution happens fast due to the automation testing and hence increases the speed of the development. Few advantages that can help you understand the advantages of automation testing during development are:  

  • A shorter roadmap of the software development cycle
  • Frequent releases
  • Quicker updates to the app/software
  • Faster time-to-market software delivery
  • Boost in development quality

3. Accurate Tests with Increased Productivity

As automated testing takes place with any human interventions, you can test your app during the off-shift timings and harvest the results in the shift times. As automated tests happen to run repeatedly on their own, software developers and QAs get time to implement the innovations in the development process, which helps us in enhancing the software and its functionalities. Test Automation not only helps in errorless releases but also faster market releases. Thanks to minimal human intervention, automated testing is more accurate than testing applications manually. The machine won’t make any mistakes that one would do in manual testing. Hence, the generated test cases are more precise than human testers, which means that by eliminating human errors, you will reduce the risk of failure. Even AI test bots can help unleash the full potential of Test Automation Accuracy. It’s an artificial intelligence-powered solution that can perform exploratory testing even better than humans.

4. High App Quality & Performance

Automated testing ensures your app’s high quality and performance. As we run thousands of automated test cases simultaneously, it allows us to easily test the app on multiple platforms and several devices at a particular time. With automated testing, it allows us to create many test cases at a time, even the complex and the lengthy ones. This can never be applied in manual testing. 

5. Instant Feedback

Instant feedback is one of the best features of Automated Testing. The developers get testing reports instantly, so whenever the bug is found, it is fixed instantly. And hence, there is absolutely no struggle to decoding the code written one year ago. Instant feedback is very useful when you are about to launch your app or product in the market. With manual testing, you won’t be able to fix the bugs quickly– it would rather slow down the process. And with test automation, you can make quick updates to your application. As a result, delivering high team responsiveness, better user experience, and higher customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Apptread for Customised Software Development Services

Apptread is a renowned custom software development company in the USA, with development centers in Chennai and New Delhi. Quality assurance in the Software Development Life Cycle is one of the core areas of expertise of Apptread, curating quality testing services to Nth happy customers across the globe.

Apptread’s expertise lies in using various cutting-edge test automation tools available in the tech market. Our expert testers first study the domain or nature of a product and then pick the one that best meets the testing requirements of the product, learning about the pros and cons of the testing tools. Our experts not only test in and out of your software like the databases, UI, custom web design, and development services but also enhance the speed of your software.

As technological advancements happen all over the globe with mobiles, tablets, and new operating systems, Automation tests have become very influential in the development phases and help us in keeping pace with ever-changing demands. Businesses are now adopting automated testing to boost their development initiatives. Choosing Apptread ensures the quality and reliable support that you receive across various hardware and software, test infrastructure, as well as high test coverage.

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