Apptread Grabs The Innovative App Developer Award By ComHQ

Apptread Grabs The Innovative App Developer Award By ComHQ

We are updating our website. Yet again.


We have bagged another prestigious title and the badge of honor needs a shelf space on our website. So we are making space on our virtual trophy corner.

ComHQ, the referred online B2B directory, conferred upon us their “Innovative App Developer Award for the year 2021”. And we are beyond elated to share the good news with all of our extended family right here.

At Apptread, awards and recognitions aren’t what we run after. We don’t want medals and trophies to prove that we are the best in business. The fact that we have managed to retain 96% of our clients to date is enough for that. Our happy clients who keep coming back to us are enough to have us beaming with pride.

But when reputed directories like ComHQ acknowledge and appreciate our dedication to customers it gives us a further boost.

It pushes us towards continuing on the laborious but rewarding path of excellence.

It pushes us towards never stopping our creative and innovative pursuits.

And it pushes us towards always trying to outdo ourselves

Here’s what the official statement from ComHQ, announcing the win read:

“Innovation is a trait that many promises but few deliver upon. The app development marketplace is filled to the brim with imitations and copies of applications that have been successful in the past. While that sure brings short-term, spontaneous success, it doesn’t last long.

2020 has been the year of great global turmoil. And even in such uncertain times, there have been brands that have been focused on innovating and delivering bespoke solutions, not cheap imitations. One such company is Apptread. Their sheer dedication to experimenting, innovating, and delivering nothing but the best, has impressed us.

To acknowledge and appreciate their pathbreaking work in the app development sphere and always keeping innovative problem solving as their key, we pronounce Apptread as the winner of our “Innovate App Developer Award” for the year 2021.

Apptread has not just satisfied their clients, but also motivated their partners to reach exceedingly higher benchmarks. Market contemporaries too have learned a lot

from the way, Apptread has been using the latest technologies to meet the current and emerging needs of the app users.

We would like to express our heartiest congratulations to each member of the Apptread team for their perseverance and dedication to innovation. We hope that this victory marks the beginning of a new, more glorious, and more innovative era in the journey of Apptread.”

Celebrating The Win – The Apptread Way

We’ll let you in on a secret today. It is more of a tradition, actually.

Whenever we, at Apptread add another feather to our cap, we take a vow to beat our own records of success. Since day one of our existence, we have been doing just that.

When we completed our first project, we promised ourselves to do better on the second project. That’s how we continue to raise the bar so high.

And today, when we have won the ComHQ Innovate App Developer Award, we are celebrating the win by promising ourselves and our clients two things

One, the quality of our work, our effort, and the results so produced won’t ever waver.

Two, we would keep learning, developing, and getting better at what we do.

Acknowledging Those Who Have Been The Source of Our Strength

Our victory is not the result of one person’s efforts. We have a long list of people to thank.

We’d like to begin by thanking our impeccable leaders. Our CEO, JP Bhatt, and our CTO, Major Kumar Jain, have been a perennial source of inspiration for us.

They have guided us, paved the way, and always motivated us to do better than before. Without them constantly shining light upon the path ahead, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the position where we are today.

Then we have our team of developers, designers, project managers, and each and everyone associated with Apptread to thank. Each one of us in the team is equally responsible for the win today. We have shouldered the responsibility of innovating and exceeding client expectations together. We have set new benchmarks together. We have learned and grown together. And today, we are happy and proud of our achievements together.

We would also like to give a special shout-out to our clients. The people we have worked for are a part of our success because it is they who trusted and believed in us. If we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with open-minded, inquisitive, and daring clients, we wouldn’t have been able to bring our extraordinary ideas to reality.

Another special mention to our contemporaries in the app development sphere. Their setbacks have taught us lessons too. And their achievements have fuelled us to keep

working for the better. It is only in a competitive environment that people can deliver their best.

Now, our acknowledgments won’t be complete unless we also thank ComHQ for the honor. It makes us extremely proud that we have been able to impress such a well-known platform with the quality of our work. Their appreciation makes it clear that we are heading in the right direction. Their words are now like shots of motivation in our daily cups of caffeine.

When industry insiders and leaders label us the best at something it becomes the fuel that further powers our pursuits.

The Way Ahead

The ComHQ award has made us stop in our path, take a look back, and be proud of how far we have come from where we were when we started

But it is just a momentary halt. Not the end.

After the party ends tonight, tomorrow morning we’d be back on desks with renewed vigor to innovate, experiment, and excel. We’d tackle each situation with our forward-thinking vision and make intelligence and the will to exceed expectations the basis of everything we do.

We are happy that we made it so far, and being recognized as one of the Innovate App Development companies has just made us hungrier to scale new heights.