Is Flutter the Best Framework for Most App Development?

Is Flutter the Best Framework for Most App Development?

If you look at the world of mobile applications, you’ll see a tremendous increase every day. Google Play has 3.14 million apps in the fourth quarter of 2020, while the Apple App Store had 2.09 million. Because business competition is becoming more intense, worldwide companies, corporations, and start-ups are always looking for app development solutions that will help them extend their user base.

Are you in need of an app development solution that is cost-effective, speedy, and yields greater returns? Flutter is the best cross-platform app development framework that meets all of the aforementioned requirements. App development using Flutter is ranked as a popular option and is listed among the top hybrid app development technologies which have emerged in recent years. Businesses are increasingly attracted to building hybrid applications with an aim to capture a larger market share.

Introduction to Flutter & Latest Updates

Flutter is a reliable cross-platform app development framework that allows you to write and compile apps for the web, desktop, and mobile from a single codebase. Flutter employs the Dart programming language, material design as well as widgets like Cupertino. It permits the creation of stunning apps along with simulating platforms so that they act smoothly on any device.

Flutter was released in December 2018, and it was startling to see that it has topped 2 million users by the end of April 2020.

According to sources, the number of Flutter-built applications accessible on the Play Store has increased from 50,000 to 90,000 since April 2020, thanks to Google’s recent release of version 1.20 of the cross-platform framework.

Top Advantages of Flutter App Development

Be it a mobile app development service or hybrid app development service, Flutter is ranked as a leading framework for accomplishing the job with much ease. In some crucial ways, Flutter is very much different from its market competitors. Let’s take a deeper look at what sets Flutter apart from other frameworks for app development.

1) Improved UI Consistency Across Multiple Platforms

Flutter uses the same user interface and business logic across all platforms, making them even more uniform. There might be an argument that other cross-platform frameworks operate by sharing the same codebase. However, Flutter is unique and allows the developer to share both the UI code as well as the overall UI.

For other platforms, you’ll need to keep an eye on platform-specific components like a property mapping layer, widget data synchronization, and so on. Flutter, on the other hand, has an advantage in this situation. Flutter’s UI does not require any platform-specific UI components to be rendered. You simply need a canvas and forget all worries associated with UI consistency between platforms.

2) Quick Time-to-Market

This one is pretty straightforward. Flutter framework is known to operate quicker when compared to its competitors. In most circumstances, compared to an app written independently for Android and iOS, the Flutter app would need at least twice as many manual hours. We can put it in a simplified manner- you need not write any platform-specific code for achieving the desired visuals in your application. As a matter of fact, you can implement any 2D-based UI in Flutter without maintaining any interaction with a native application counterpart.

The Flutter programming framework is faster than its competitors. In most circumstances, a Flutter project will need at least twice as many man-hours as the identical software created independently for Android and iOS. If we look at the core reason- there is no need to develop any platform-specific code to obtain the appropriate aesthetics in your application. With Flutter, you can construct any 2D-based UI without requiring interaction with a native application equivalent.

3) Availability of Custom UI

Flutters offer a major advantage in the form of its ability to personalize whatever you see on the screen. This feature comes regardless of the complexity factor. While it is typically feasible to create a highly customized UI on local platforms as well, the level of effort required varies based on the magnitude.

By using Flutter, the process becomes more versatile without adding anything in terms of workload. Transitions between shared elements, shape & color manipulations, cutting, and transformations – Flutter allows you to perform all of these effortlessly.

The method becomes more adaptable by leveraging Flutter without adding any more burden. Be it shared element transitions, color/shape/shadow alterations, and clipping, are made possible with Flutter in the picture.

4) Cheap App Development Cost

For startups and enterprises, this aspect surely comes as a big relief. Flutter app development leads to great results at a cheaper cost. In fact, Dart is also statically typed, thereby making the process of writing code much faster.

At present, Flutter already stands as a popular platform among the developer community and the overall cost-effective factors open up new and better opportunities.

Few Other Notable Advantages of Flutter App Development

  • Since the framework is Google-powered, developers have additional access to Google’s Firebase development platform
  • Flutter offers appealing and trendy themes that contribute significantly to increased user time
  • Flutter is renowned for its dynamic productivity
  • Hybrid app creation with the use of Flutter’s up-to-date interfaces is a success
  • Flutter framework readily supports Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which includes Xcode, Android Studio, Visual studio code, etc
  • Availability of advanced APIs is a significant benefit with Flutter. Moreover, you also get to access a 2D GPU-accelerated API that assists in quick animations

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