Learn how Apptread is Helping the Businesses in Leveraging Digital Technologies

Learn how Apptread is Helping the Businesses in Leveraging Digital Technologies

In Nov 2019, China confirmed its first case of COVID-19 & since then the world’s economy has been on lockdown. The Global economy is facing disruptions of tragic proportions, with industries like Aviation, Travel, Hospitality, and Oil & Gas particularly hard hit. Many organizations have turned to technology to maintain their operations and relevance.

Businesses & brands too are accepting new-age technology as it seems to be the only option left! Brands who were once “Thinking to Adopt” the digital transformation & cloud migration have been yearning to accelerate their technology front so that they can survive at their steady pace during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Right now, Companies that have begun to “digitally transform” have a cutting edge advantage as the digital economy arises. Small businesses that were adopting new processes to accelerate their delivery have made big bucks and are surviving the evolution process.

The business transformation is starting a new age era, where organizations with their remote teams will be connecting from different dots of the world & delivering excellence at par. Many companies have started to totally transform their technology to maintain their operations while abiding by the rules of the pandemic. The new-age technologies adoption like Cloud Migration, Automation, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, etc., has become the survival kits of businesses. This also provides us with a perspective on how the Post-COVID19-economy will look like.

Here are the ways through which the new-age technologies can drive the growth during the crisis:

1. Rise of Automation:

Social distancing being the new norm, businesses have to increase their automation as much as possible to keep the operations smooth as much as possible. This has also led to enhanced productivity & best quality products while keeping the cost margins on average. Particularly, Robotics Process Automation is helping businesses in improving customer experience by application, add-ins, and application-based solutions.

2. Cloud Migration:

As the pandemic further steps into our economies, the cloud is becoming a survival opportunity for businesses. Stepping into the new normal, opting for cloud transformation is no longer an option. It’s said, ‘Necessity is the mother of innovation’ and it has been reflecting the most during the COVID-19 crisis. Cloud migration has become a stable option in regularizing the new normal in the companies as it interfaces with the most new-age technologies. Not only this, but cloud-based digital workspaces are enabling the employees to work from anywhere in the world without creating a negative impact on business growth and revenue generation. This will lead to improved reliability, a better employee experience, and optimized network and support costs.

3. Data-Driven Culture

Continuing the business operations during COVID-19, companies are embracing the data-driven mindset and taking advantage of the data mindset. From gathering information in a structured system to transforming the data into the cloud for easy accessibility & further analyzing the data to predict the upcoming trends have helped businesses in coping up with the ongoing crisis.

By strengthening the data analysis right, businesses can be more proactive and predict future trends and customer expectations, deliver more relevant products, optimize operations and processes, and mitigate risks. Analyzing the data properly ensures an improved customer journey and also leads to an enhanced customer experience. Integrating the right technology, infrastructure, and analytics in place, businesses can unlock the full potential of their data for tangible business outcomes.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

One of the many benefits of AI is to help us view the economic crisis from a different perspective. The features of AI applications such as Data Ingestion, natural language processing, Facial Recognition, and Chatbots have impacted all businesses of every shape and size & helped them in understanding the customer’s mindset during the pandemic. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, data-driven firms (from tech firms to healthcare, financial services, travel, insurance, retail, and media) have been analyzing the consumer trends, helping them to curb the situation & coming up with the best relevant solutions. 

5. Augmented & Virtual Realities 

COVID-19 is here to stay. The pandemic has highlighted the need to innovate ways of managing business and formulating strategies that businesses must deploy to ensure and even address future challenges, not only this pandemic. As a maximum percentage of employees are working from different locations of the world, technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) can help in collaborating remotely. For example, virtual reality could be used in staff training for professionals working in industries like fintech, healthcare, IT, etc.

Having a reliable and experienced partner can help your business in adapting to the changes and running the different business operations smoothly. At AppTread, we know what it takes to deliver the transformation according to your business needs. Our seasoned experts deliver high-value software changes, which can address the roadblocks associated with business revenues during the pandemic. We work side by side with your needs, delivering the best suitable technology solutions & accelerate your transformation.

AppTread’s efforts are aligned in helping the companies pave a solid ground even in a fairly disappointing situation like this pandemic, we extend the services and support which will allow them to gain sustainability for the upcoming future.